About Me

Hello and Welcome x

I’m Abi, an 18 year old from Melbourne, Australia! Originally born and brought up in Bedfordshire, England and moved to Melbourne with my family in Jan 2010.

Since then, I have finished school in 2016 and have deffered from Uni until 2018, studying Visual Arts & Photography at Academy of Design.

I am currently taking a Gap Year in 2017 and have 3 months of travel planned across Dubai, England, Scotland and Europe with my best friend.

I have decided to start this blog, so my family and friends can follow my trip across Europe and so I can look back at my adventures and experiences.

Please feel free to leave comments and follow me on my social media accounts!

Talk Soon, Abi xx



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  1. woohoo proud of you girl! Can’t wait to hear about your amazing adventures, so keen to read all about it 😌😻

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  2. Super proud of you Abi!! So excited to see and read what the future holds for you! xxx loving this website! 😊💓

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  3. christinerookrocketmailcom March 15, 2017 — 12:47 am

    Very proud of you, wishing you a very safe and enjoyable trip xx
    Look forward to more posts soon xx

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